What Is ‘Low-E’ Double Glazing?

What Is ‘Low-E’ Double Glazing?

What Is ‘Low-E’ Double Glazing?

If you’ve been shopping around for new windows online, you’ve almost certainly encountered the phrase “low-E glazing.” Home improvement websites often include it as an optional upgrade, but what exactly is it? And is it worth investing in? Here at Ecostar, we’ve been singing the praises of double glazed windows for a long time. Regular double glazing is an excellent choice, but if you want to really knock it up a notch, it’s worth choosing low-E windows. To learn more, read on.

direct sunlight on low-e double glazing

Low-E Glass Explained

Low-emissivity glass, or low-E as it’s widely known, is a relatively new invention. It has a thin, transparent coating applied which reflects infrared and ultraviolet light back into the outside world. Despite being thinner than human hair, this coating is remarkably effective. It helps keep the home’s interior temperature consistent by minimising heat transfer. You will still benefit from plenty of sunlight.

To put it simply, low-E glass takes all the energy benefits of regular double glazed windows but raises them to the next level. Low-E windows have better U-Values and are ideal for reducing your energy consumption. We have an unpredictable climate here in Australia, but when you can manage household temperatures easily, you’ll need to use the air conditioning and heating a lot less. Your bills will drop, along with your carbon footprint. This is a major benefit of all double glazed windows, but low-E ones are even better. 

The other advantage of low-E windows is that they protect your furnishings. By blocking UV rays, they reduce the risk of furniture colours fading. Have a Swap your nearby windows for low-E ones and it will retain its colour for years. 

Are Low-E Windows Worth It?

In brief, yes. Low-E windows are well worth investing in, but here’s the thing. Remember in the opening paragraph where we said that most places include it as an optional extra? At Ecostar we don’t do that. All our windows are fitted with Low emission as standard, so you’re helping the environment when you choose our windows.

interior photo of living room with double glazed windows

Choose a Product With Low E Glass Today

So, regardless of what installation you’re interested in, you’re guaranteed superior glazing. Whether you like the look of Colonial Bar windows or are more interested in a set of UPVC French doors, it’ll be fitted with low-E glass. 

Low-E glazing plays a pivotal role in home insulation and we’re very proud to offer it as an everyday feature. If you’d like to take advantage of its superior qualities, why not contact us? Our experts will be happy to answer your questions, or if you’d like to start a project now, you can request an online quote. We can’t wait to hear from you. 

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