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Benefits of double glazing – Energy saving
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Cut power bills with uPVC double glazed windows and doors

Improve your home’s thermal performance with energy saving uPVC double glazed windows and doors

Historically energy costs in Australia were cheap, but with the cost of power bills on the rise, Melbourne’s homeowners are increasingly looking for ways to reduce energy bills by making their homes more thermo efficient.

While Melbourne is Australia’s fastest-growing capital city, the brutal truth is that the majority of our housing stock is ageing, and that the traditionally low building costs of the past mean the majority of Victorian homes have an energy rating far below current standards.

Old windows are one of the major culprits, letting through approximately 40% of the thermal energy lost by a home in winter, and gained by a home in summer. The thinnest part of a home’s outer shell, old, leaky windows are directly responsible mounting energy costs.


According to a study by the University of Melbourne’s Department of Infrastructure Engineering, the cost of installing double glazing shouldn’t be a barrier to Melbourne homeowners looking to improve the thermo efficiency of their houses, and cut energy costs.

“If homeowners don’t consider retrofitting their home to improve its energy rating, they’re missing an opportunity to save money in the long run,” says University of Melbourne’s Professor Greg Foliente. “We’ve found in some Melbourne suburbs it could take just nine years to recoup the costs of lifting a home’s energy rating from 1.5 stars to four stars.”

With Melbourne home owners currently spending up to 80% of their energy bills on heating and cooling their homes, uPVC double glazed energy efficient windows provide a great opportunity to improve your home’s energy performance rating, and create real home savings on heating and cooling bills.

Ecostar uPVC double glazing keeps the heat out in summer, for a comfortable, cool home, and helps your home retain heat in winter, keeping you nice and cosy when the cold weather hits.

Investing in Ecostar uPVC double glazed windows and doors, which exceed Australian Window Energy Rating Scheme standards with their excellent insulation properties, will pay off quickly, cutting your energy bills.

The insulating chambers in the uPVC frame profile provide the ideal barrier to heat passing through our double glazed windows.

Ecostar uPVC double glazed windows and doors exceed the 6-star energy rating, offer a U-value of 1.2 – the lowest certified U-value in Australia, and are BFRC/WERS energy efficiency certified.

Pointing out the many advantages of double glazed windows in the Australian climate in an article entitled ‘22 ways to cut your energy bills,’ the University of Melbourne’s Tim Forcey wrote “I recommend that homeowners never buy a window in future that isn’t double-glazed”.

It’s a sentiment we, at Ecostar Double Glazing, agree with wholeheartedly.

Call our experienced sales team to find out more about how Ecostar’s energy efficient windows and doors can save you 40% of your heating and cooling costs, no matter what the Australian climate throws at you.