How Much Does It Cost To Double Glaze Windows?

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What variables can impact the cost of double glazed windows?

How much are double glazed windows? To put it into perspective, these are some of the variables that can impact the cost of your window double glazing quote:

  • Glass specification: at Ecostar we offer more than 10 different glass specifications, and your choice will heavily influence pricing.
  • External and internal frame style: Ecostar window double glazing comes in more than 700 different frame styles, all priced differently.
  • External and internal UPVC frame Colour: At Ecostar we offer 10 stylish frame colours at a variety of price points that impact our quote.
  • Your property’s construction: brick veneer, double brick, weatherboard, render finish, etc.
  • The type of reinforcement required for your selection of UPVC frames.
  • The structural alterations we need to make to your property in order to install your doors and windows.
  • The frame material we have to remove: steel, aluminium, timber, poor quality UPVC.
  • Your home’s location: suburb.
  • Whether your property needs restumping.
  • Whether we requires a permit to install your double glazed windows and doors.
  • The OHS/scaffold required for the job.
  • Whether your windows and doors are load bearing.
  • The types of reveals and architraves your home requires.
  • Your choice of handle colour.
  • Your choice of window and/or door hardware.

The cost of double glazed windows in Melbourne can vary depending on the brand, features and other factors.

Cost of Ecostar double glazed windows. If you are getting other quotes you need to make sure that you are getting quality and value for money.

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Quality of double glazed windows

Many double glazed window companies try to take advantage of customers by marketing low-quality products at inflated prices. It is important that you don’t just focus on price alone – look at other factors such as warranty period, durability, energy efficiency etc. before making your final decision.

Ecostar double glazed windows are 6rated up to 10-star energy rated and are one of the more cost-efficient double glazed windows in Melbourne on the market.

Double Glazing Installation Quote Victoria

The cost of installing double glazed windows in your home

Remember that you will need to calculate installation costs if DIY is not an option for you. The cost of double glazed window and/or door installation depends on the configuration of the products, size, what we are removing and whether it will require scaffolding or ladders. Installing double glazed windows yourself can save you some money but only if you have experience with similar tasks.

We recommend getting a price to install UPVC double glazed windows from Ecostar’s professional window installers.

If you are looking to get quotes for the cost of double-glazed windows and installation, please call us today for an instant quote.

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Ecostar holds all major Australian and European quality accreditations including Victorian Building Authority Registered Building Practitioner, Australian Glass and Window Association, British Standard Institute, Secured by Design, Hot Country Profile, Window Energy Rating, Housing Industry Association, Neighbourhood Watch and BFRC energy rating (A++).

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