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Benefits of double glazing – sustainability
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Make your home more sustainable with uPVC double glazed windows and doors

Improve your home’s thermal performance with energy saving Ecostar uPVC double glazed windows and doors.

With the ever-growing threat of power blackouts, Melbourne home owners are looking for ways to ease the burden on our environment, improve thermo efficiency, and make our homes more sustainable.

While Melbourne is Australia’s fastest-growing capital city, it’s a fact that the majority of housing stock in our state is ageing, and that historically low building costs have resulted in the majority of Victorian homes having an energy rating far below acceptable modern-day standards.

Ageing, leaky windows are largely to blame, responsible for approximately 40% of the thermal energy lost by a home in winter, and the heat gained by a home in summer.


Ecostar uPVC double glazed energy efficient windows provide an unmatched opportunity to improve your home’s energy performance rating, exceeding Australian Window Energy Rating Scheme standards with industry-leading insulation properties.

Ecostar uPVC double glazed windows and doors exceed the 6-star energy rating, offer a U-value of 1.2 – the lowest certified U-value in Australia – and are BFRC/WERS energy efficiency certified.

To put that U-value in context, the majority of Melbourne’s existing single glazed windows have a U-value of around 10. That means by installing windows with a double glazed u-Value of 1.2, your heating or cooling will only have to work just over one tenth as hard as did in your single glazed home.

To achieve superior insulation, every Ecostar double glazed window and door is a sealed unit that incorporates insulating chambers within its uPVC frame profile.

In combination, these two features provide a highly effective barrier to heat gain and heat loss, keeping your home cool in summer, and helping your home retain heat in winter so you’re cosy when the cold weather hits.

Best of all, our frame profiles are manufactured with 50% recycled material, and all the raw materials contained in our uPVC double glazed windows and doors are recyclable up to 350 times, promoting the overall sustainability of your home.

Call our experienced sales team on 1300 928 194 to find out how Ecostar uPVC double glazed windows and doors can improve your home’s energy efficiency, keeping your home’s temperature stable, eliminating hot and cold spots in rooms and insulating your home against Melbourne’s climate extremes.