The Versatility Of Our High-Quality Double Glazing

The Versatility Of Our High-Quality Double Glazing

The Versatility Of Our High-Quality Double Glazing

Double glazing is likely to become the norm in all Australian homes in the current age of home architecture. Due to how much superior double glazing is than its single glazing predecessor from the past, it’s also a beneficial thing. At Ecostar Double Glazing, we are horrified to realise how much less safe our houses were during the single-glazing era. Not only that, but our houses used to be considerably warmer in the summer and much colder in the winter. Due to their single glazing and deteriorating wood systems, Australian houses are especially infamous for their thermal leakage. Despite the fact that wood is a great insulator, difficulties might arise due to material deterioration, especially if the dwellings were constructed in the past. Fortunately, double glazing is now relatively inexpensive for older houses. At Ecostar Double Glazing Windows, we wanted to highlight the double glazing we provide and demonstrate the significant improvement it may bring to your house.

Our Windows Include Double Glazing for Greater Heat Efficiency

As previously said, since the 1980s, double glazing has been the norm in the UK and Europe for house modifications. Double glazing emerged as the cutting-edge method to install new windows in our houses at the same time as uPVC, the contemporary material that would eventually replace wood and aluminium. Your house may benefit from the new age of thermal efficiency with double glazing. A gap between the two glass panes in double glazing is often filled with argon gas or maintained as a vacuum. This space keeps the two glass panes on the opposing edges of the windows from touching while yet allowing heat energy to flow through. Since single-glazed windows allow for relatively easy thermal energy transfer from the warm inside to the cold outside, your house won’t stay at a cosy, warm temperature throughout winter.

Similar to this, single glazing struggles to keep the heat out during the summer when the air is hotter outside. All of these may cause your home’s thermal efficiency to be substantially lower, causing you to pay far higher energy costs than necessary. The moment is right to invest in double-glazed windows since energy costs are now on the increase.

Our Doors Include Double Glazing For Security

Double glazing has gained popularity in doors just as it has in windows. Double glazing is becoming the norm for the whole lot, whether they are french doors, bifold doors, sliding rear doors, or front doors. For all of these goods, double glazing offers far more security than single glazing ever did. It is quite simple to smash through one pane of glass. I’m sure that at some point in our lives, to everyone’s horror, we’ve seen an errant cricket ball fly into someone’s house. It truly can be that simple to break through a single-glazed window, particularly if the windows were put many years ago. For someone whose doors have single glazing, this may be quite unsettling. It presents a significant security concern that can be quickly addressed with the installation of double glazing. Double-glazed doors are very tough to break through because of the two panes and the vacuum or layer of gas between them. Due to the high risk of being detected, most would rather not even try to break into a house with double glazing since it would be too difficult. You and your family may feel secure knowing that your doors have double glazing installed.

Double Glazing From Ecostar

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