Can Replacement Windows Increase My Property Value?

Can Replacement Windows Increase My Property Value?

Can Replacement Windows Increase My Property Value?

Giving your home a makeover has multiple benefits. It can improve its thermal efficiency, make it safer, give it a fresh new aesthetic and even contribute towards more positive mental health. But could you also look at it as a financial investment? Can replacement windows increase the value of a house?

In a nutshell, yes. Here at Ecostar, we’ve got years of experience working with windows and we’ve seen first-hand how they can make homes more valuable. It might not seem like it when you’re working out the budget for new windows, but they can do wonders for your resale value. 

The Benefits Of Replacement Windows

Unfortunately, it is all but impossible to put a precise figure on how much new windows will increase your property value. However, houses with modern installations are generally valued higher than those with older ones. Real estate agents place great stock in features like windows and doors, so the more recent they are, the more likely they’ll help increase the resale price. 

There are several reasons for this. Houses with cohesive and attractive decors have a higher kerb appeal, so prospective buyers are more likely to spend money on them. Admittedly, this is a superficial point, but the simple fact is that human beings like things that look nice, so eye-catching houses have a better chance of being sold. 

On a more practical level, modern windows have better security than older ones. They have sophisticated locking mechanisms and tougher, more resilient frames. Plus, they can be fitted with double glazing which is far stronger than old-fashioned single glazed windows. The gap between the panes acts as a shock absorber so it’s harder to break and can deter even the most enthusiastic intruder. Safer homes are valued higher so if your current windows are cracked, worn down, or generally showing their age, it’s time to get new ones.

Energy Benefits Of Modern Windows

Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that modern windows have better thermal efficiency. They’re designed to trap heat and make it easier to maintain household temperatures. This not only improves the overall conditions, but it can also reduce your energy bills. Your home will stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer without putting as much stress on your bank account. And as you’ve probably guessed, more energy-efficient houses are valued higher.

To round this off, we should point out that while we’ve used the phrase “modern windows,” a few times, this refers to their manufacturing process, not the design. If you live in a heritage home and want to preserve the traditional aesthetic, you can still get replacement windows. They can be customised to match the existing design but deliver an up-to-date level of security and efficiency. Modern windows can look sleek, stylish and futuristic, but they can also have a quaint, classical charm. 

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Take all this into consideration and it’s not surprising that replacement windows increase property values. So, if you’re looking to upgrade your draughty old windows, you’ve come to the right place. Get in touch with Ecostar today and we’ll be delighted to help. You can get started by requesting an online quote or completing a contact form. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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