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Benefits of double glazing
– noise reduction
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Reduce noise by up to 90% with uPVC double glazed windows and doors

Block out ambient and traffic sounds with noise insulating uPVC double glazed windows and doors.

Windows and glazed doors are the main sources of noise disturbance in Melbourne homes. Ambient noise and traffic noise travels through glazing into the home in a number of ways including:

  • Glass conducting vibrations from outside the home, causing increased internal noise disturbance.
  • Poorly sealed window frames and joints enabling unwanted noise to travel into the home.

Ecostar uPVC double glazing is the ultimate solution to soundproofing your home, reducing noise pollution from outside your home by up to 90%.

Simple but effective, Ecostar’s uPVC double glazed soundproof windows and doors create a sound barrier that will reduce noise levels and improve your home’s acoustic qualities.

Say goodbye to invasive ambient noise and intrusive traffic disturbances, and improve your quality of life and the value of your home, with noise reduction courtesy of Ecostar uPVC double glazed windows and doors.

At Ecostar we provide soundproofing and insulation solutions across Greater Melbourne. So, if noise reduction is important to you, call our experienced sales team on 1300 928 194 to find out more about how Ecostar uPVC double glazing can reduce noise in your home.