Durable, Secure & Sustainable UPVC Windows and Doors in Dandenong South


Looking to replace & install new windows or doors for your Dandenong South home?

Ecostar is the most awarded window and door installation brand in Victoria with a unique, unconditional and fully transferable 10-Year guarantee. 40 years on Ecostar still provides the same outstanding product quality and service for customers in 3175 Dandenong South and across Victoria.

uPVC Windows

Exceptional Thermal Performance

Our uPVC windows provide the most up to date and top of the line thermal efficiency of any other windows currently on the market. uPVC holds the same thermally insulating properties as timber without any of the degradation! You can be assured that uPVC windows from Ecostar will help your Dandenong-South home to operate at peak thermal efficiency. We guarantee that our uPVC windows will save your household up to 40% on heating and cooling costs throughout the year! Your home is not only greener but also saves you money.


A Securer Home

With uPVC windows from Ecostar you can rest easy knowing that your Dandenong-South home is more secure than ever. All of our products are verified by the British ‘Secured by Design’ police certificate, which proves that our windows are up to the highest standards. 

upvc windows dandenong South
upvc doors danenong-south

uPVC Doors

High Levels of Noise Reduction

uPVC doors from Ecostar have the potential to reduce noise pollution to and from your Dandenong-South home by 90%! Ecostar uPVC doors create a sound barrier between the interior of your home and the exterior, not just keeping the noise out but also improving the acoustics of your house. So you can enjoy a quiet night when you need it, and also turn the music up at the weekend, with no worries about how it is going to affect your neighbours.


40 Years of Industry Experience

Ecostar has been installing upVC doors with double glazing since 1979. In that time we have completed over 53,000 installations across the region including in the Dandenong-South area. With Ecostar you can be assured that you’re getting top of the line materials and business practices as well as the experience required to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Double Glazing

Sustainability at the Core

Our central guiding principle here at Ecostar is helping to save the planet. As the historically low energy bills in Australia are starting to rise, we want to make sure that all of our customers’ households have the capability and the design features necessary for keeping their energy costs down and reducing their carbon footprint. Double glazing from Ecostar does just that. Our materials and process are at the forefront of double glazing technology and we’re product to bring it to the Dandenong-South area.


Unique Argon Gas

Our double glazing uses Argon gas that goes between the two panels of glass. Argon is naturally thermally insulating as it does not conduct heat well. By using this gas between the two panes of glass, the pane of glass connected to the exterior of the home never touches the one connected to the interior, and any heat that may pass through them is stopped by the Argo gas.

We offer tailored interest free payment plans (more information and T&C’s) across our range of products and services. Even if you’re not considering finance, it pays to deal with a company who can offer it! If you would like to speak to one of our double glazed experts or see our big range of frames, colours and finishes in person, why not give a visit to our mobile showroom in Melbourne.