Double glazed stacker doors

The truth about double glazed stacker doors


While stacker doors, which comprise a number of glazed panels that slide along a track to stack, one behind the other, are a popular door option in Melbourne, the very nature in the way they operate and are structured doesn’t maximise the thermo-efficiency of your home.

Furthermore they are not used as an external door in any other English speaking country for the following reasons:

1. They do not pass the most stringent air permeability tests and therefore leak energy, water and let in more extrusive external noise.

2. They cannot be accredited with the UK police preferred security accreditation, Secure by Design, and are therefore a weak point of entry to your home for want be intruders.

3. When incorporating Double Glazed units or IGU’s they inevitably become a service issue and the door leafs themselves become difficult to operate over a short period of time.

Consider Ecostar uPVC double glazed Sliding, Patio, French or Bi-Folding Doors as an alternative to traditional stacker doors that actually work!

Your home’s sustainability and thermo-efficiency, and noise reduction, are priorities, we recommend you consider Ecostar uPVC double glazed Sliding Doors, Patio Doors Bi-Fold doors, or French Doors as effective, energy efficient, soundproof alternatives to stacker doors Bi-fold Doors, French Doors, Sliding Doors and Patio Doors enable you to maximise the door’s opening and allow natural light to flood into your home, providing great views of outdoor living, garden and entertainment areas. And they feature watertight, airtight seals.

So, if you want your home to be dry, retain warmth in winter and insulate against heat in summer, and you want to eliminate traffic noise by up to 90%, Ecostar uPVC double glazed Sliding, Bi-fold, French or Patio Doors are the best option for your home.

uPVC double glazed stacker doors

View our range of finishes and colors

Anthrazitgrau Anthracite Grey

Anthrazitgrau Anthracite Grey

Solid, sleek, and stylish, Anthracite Grey is the perfect choice
if you're looking to update or modernise your home.



Timeless, natural, wood-grained Mahogany won't date, and works beautifully
with door frames, window frames and roof lines in traditional homes.

Irish Oak

Irish Oak

The lightest timber-look finish in our range, Light Oak combines modernity
with the traditional, maintaining the aesthetic integrity of older-style homes.

Black Cherry

Black Cherry

Rich, dark, sumptuous Black Cherry is a timeless, classic timber that works
beautifully with light brick and masonry to create luxurious impact.

Golden Oak

Golden Oak

A striking timber-look finish, Golden Oak provides the rich authentic patina
of real wood, ensuring your home's entrance offers a warm welcome.

Schwarzbraun Black Brown

Schwarzbraun Black Brown

Schwarzbraun literally means ‘black-brown’ in German and it's the darkest shade
in our range. A luxe look that creates an imposing finish.

Chartwell Green

Chartwell Green

The perfect compliment to sandstone brick and stonework masonry, Chartwell is calming,
tranquil and works particularly well in rural settings.

PX White 9152

PX White 9152

Traditional white, with just the slightest hint of vanilla for warmth, PX White 9152 lends a
traditionalist feel to your home, creating a serene, calming ambience.

PX Cream White 1379

PX Cream White 1379

A favourite in traditional homes, Cream provides a warm, welcoming alternative to a conventional
white finish, for a welcoming, peaceful entryway to your home.

What our customers say

  • "To say we were totally pleased with our Ecostar windows and doors is an understatement. Instantly, the traffic noise was a thing of the past and the house was so quiet. Wonderful. And, despite energy costs having really increased over the last few years, our bills were around 40% lower than in the past. We sold our home for $1.2 million and, bearing in mind where we live, we would never have got anywhere near this price if we had not invested in Ecostar Double Glazing."

    Alan and Jan Hume

    South Yarra

  • "I could not be more delighted with such a positive result. We can hardly hear any traffic now, even at peak hours on the freeway. We are sleeping so much better too. In summer the house is noticeably cooler and we use hardly any air conditioning. We can look forward to winter for the first time since we moved in"

    Angelina L

    Box Hill

  • "We had our first five windows and a door replaced with Ecostar double glazing four years ago and loved the results so we saved up to get the rest of our house double glazed and we couldn't be happier. The windows look fantastic, they’re more secure, save us money on energy bills and we’re less bothered by outside noise. Ecostar's service was excellent and their installers did a fantastic job, even taking away the old windows as part of their service."

    Peter and Jill Garbett


  • "From the very first meeting it was clear that Ecostar was very professional. We quickly reached the conclusion that Ecostar products were of very high quality. The windows are looking great and we are very happy. I have just completed the Customer Service Survey and I am pleased to say I gave Ecostar top marks for their sales presentation, their surveyor, the office team and their installers. We will defnitely recommend Ecostar to our family and friends."

    Nick Pattison


  • "Our house now looks fantastic. People walk through the house and cannot believe how much warmer the house has become. The 90% noise reduction has blown me away."

    Judith Ruse

    Upper Beaconsfield



Ecostar holds all major Australian and European quality accreditations including Victorian Building Authority Registered Building Practioner, Australian Window Association, British Standard Institute, Secured by Design and Hot Country Profile.

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