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In May 2015 we made the decision to develop a brand new glass specification that would meet all the requirements of the Victorian weather conditions and climate challenges.

The average household in Victoria is responsible for emitting 18.4 tons of dangerous greenhouse gasses year on year. This would reduce to 13.02 tons if the Victorian housing stock had our new windows & doors with our Climate+ glass specification.

As a business we are extremely proud of this new product and the initiatives we are taking to help play our part in trying to reduce Victoria’s carbon footprint.

Over the following 4 years we tested various glass specifications until we found the exact clarity and performance characteristics which we required. It was during this testing phase that we developed an all new thermal spacer bar and gas to air ratio to reach our performance goals.

Once this was achieved, we ran the new sealed units through a test programme that simulated a 50 year life span with conditions that ranged from -5deg C to +50deg C and more importantly ran these cycles through extremely high, ultra violet conditions, ranging between 5 and 16 for extended periods in the range of 30.

The test data provided exceptional results. The U value improved by 23.27%. The UV has virtually been eradicated with 99.7% being cut out. The Solar Heat Gain Coefficient ( S.H.G.C) has been reduced to 0.18. As a result, this reduced the C02 emissions through the glass by 27.8%

Alongside this we developed a new manufacturing process using renewable and reusable energy sources in the form of solar, wind power and waste product generators. This, in turn, reduced the C02 emissions of production itself.