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1300 963 231

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a price or a quote via email or over the phone?

When you buy from Ecostar Double Glazing you aren’t buying an off the shelf product – no two products are ever the same. All of our products are custom made and individually tailored to suit your home, taste, budget and requirements. To receive a quote, please arrange an appointment with one of our consultants.

Why should I have UPVC Double Glazing installed, instead of Timber or Aluminium?

UPVC has become the preferred material for window and door frames in every major country in the world. The main benefits of UPVC over timber and aluminium are that UPVC is significantly more energy efficient, reduces far more intrusive external noise, is virtually maintenance-free and is much stronger so enhances security. UPVC is fully recyclable making it the environment’s friend too.

How long will my home consultation last?

Our consultations are entirely geared around your needs, so the length can vary. Generally speaking it depends of the type of product and the complexity involved.

What are the advantages of UPVC windows & doors?

Ecostar’s UPVC will not rot, corrode or discolour making it ideal for every home. Every single element of our windows and doors is covered by a comprehensive, no-quibble 10-Year Guarantee, which includes everything from manufacture all the way through to installation.

I live on a busy main road. Can your windows reduce the traffic noise?

Undoubtedly. Ecostar have worked for the past 35 years researching optimal designs for noise suppression. There are many options that can be tailored for your home. The installation is an extremely important factor which is why we employ our own fitting teams.

The Australian climate can be very harsh. How will this affect UPVC?

The Australian climate is extremely harsh, and our product testing is just as rigorous as a result. Our windows and doors are fully tested far beyond the “harsh” Australian Climate.

Who is going to install my windows for me?

Ecostar fully employed skilled craftsman, who are managed by our own Registered Builder.

What colours are available?

Ecostar have the most extensive range of colours in the industry. We avoid paints and powder coat finishes, as these tend to become chalky and discolour after only a short lifespan.

Can I attach another piece of glass to my existing frames?

Unfortunately you can, but definitely not recommended by Ecostar.

This is called “secondary glazing”, and it does not have anywhere near all the benefits you get from UPVC double glazing. Ecostar replace quite a lot of “secondary glazing” as there is condensation between the two panes of glass, hardware failure due to the extra weight, the panes are very heavy to remove for cleaning, and homeowners tend to be disappointed with the lack of noise reduction and poor thermal efficiency.

Are UPVC windows available in the same style as aluminium and timber?

Yes, we have over 500 different styles and designs for you to choose from.

Will the windows withstand the cyclonic conditions that sometimes occur in Australia?

The UPVC Profile System we use to manufacture UPVC windows and doors is a special Hot Country UPVC Mix that is perfect for the Australian climate. It is regularly tested by the Australian Window Alliance at the Alunga Exposure Laboratory in Queensland. The Building Research Establishment has confirmed that our UPVC mix has a service life of at least 35 to 40 years.

Do you offer a guarantee?

We offer a comprehensive, no-quibble 10-Year Guarantee, which includes everything from manufacture all the way through to installation.

How long will it take to install 6 windows?

On average this will take two days. We never remove your old window until we have a new Ecostar window to take its place.

How long will it take to process my quote?

Ecostar always prepares and prints a quote for you on the initial visit. As long as you can make time for us we can guarantee this happens.

How can I see Ecostar Windows?

Ecostar brings the samples out to you so you can see for yourself exactly what would be installed in your home. As we have an extensive range of opening, colour and hardware options for you to choose from, we base your quote on all the choices you have made.

What is Low E glass and why is it used?

Low-e is a microscopic and transparent coating applied to our glass. This reflects long wave infrared energy (or heat). Some low-e also reflects significant amounts of short wave solar infrared energy. When the interior heat energy tries to escape to the colder outside during winter, the low-e coating reflects the heat back inside, reducing the radiant heat loss through the glass. The reverse happens during the summer time.

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