Why are you wasting your hard-earned cash by letting it leak out of your windows and doors?


Before I start the blog, I must state the obvious; I am not Craig.

Readers will know that our MD Craig Johnson has been flexing his blog writing muscles over the past year, but if I’m frank; I am funnier and whinge less, so there has been a ‘changing of the guard’ and the blog is now my domain.

Allow me to introduce myself; my name is Paul Woods. Originally from Essex, where I was Chief Operating Officer for Ecostar in the UK, I decided to swap rainy England  for a sunnier climate and take on the role of Construction Project Manager here in Melbourne.

So, although I was the British and European water-skiing champion for seven years back in the day and quite a few Kilos ago, double glazing is in my blood and these days you’re more likely going to find me helping Victorian home-owners to transform their homes with uPVC double glazing (or on the golf course on the rare occasion that i have some time off)!

But enough about me, let’s get down to business.

First order of call is asking you a very frank question: have you ever thrown your money in the bin?

A weird question I know, but bear with me on this.

See that’s pretty much exactly what you are doing when you decide to not insulate your home properly when it comes to shoddy single-glazed windows and doors.

With the temperature dropping over the coming months and seasons changing, you’ll no doubt be cranking up the heating in your home to keep warm during Melbourne’s chilly winters. But what’s the point when all that heat is literally passing by you, and out of your leaky windows and doors? You’re literally throwing your money away each time you pay your next power bill and don’t even get me started on the rising cost of power bills. (I did promise you i’d be less whiny than my predecessor so that topic can be for another time!)

I’m going to spare you the jargon and explain quite simply that, as opposed to single glazed windows and doors, double glazing traps a layer of insulative air between two panes of glass, helping reduce heat loss and acting as a barrier that seals warm air in your home.


The bottom line is that your house stays warmer in winter while using less heating. Let’s also remember that your windows and doors are the thinnest points in your home’s outer shell, so if they’re not insulated properly your leaky old windows account for approximately 40 percent of the thermal energy lost by your home in winter (i’ve got the shivers just thinking about it).

And isn’t that the best thing about winter? Hibernating in your cosy home and venturing outside as little as possible? I don’t know if you can relate, but I’m a total homebody during the cooler months.  Perhaps that’s the English blood in me?

The irony isn’t lost on me that I’m all up in arms about the rising cost of power bills, yet I’m asking you to consider  double glazing for your home which involves an initial financial outlay. And, while there are many variables that contribute to exactly how much that initial outlay is, it’s important to note that the long-term pay-off is that double glazing improves your home’s thermal efficiency so you will most definitely save money on your power bills.

And these savings are not just confined to winter.

Double glazing insulates your home from the heat of summer as well, meaning you don’t have to use your air conditioning as much during the warmer months (even on those nasty, dry, 40-degree days we’re becoming so used to in January).

I’ll leave you with a last couple of questions.

When something breaks down in your life, be it an appliance or even a car, you replace it right? Or repair it so it doesn’t fail you again? Why then, when it comes to our windows and doors letting us down, do we do nothing about it?

Food for thought.


Paul Woods was formally Ecostar’s UK Chief Operating Officer before taking on the role of Construction Project Manager here in Melbourne. He has vast knowledge on double glazing and is considered an expert within the industry.


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