Want to know how to earn a TAX-FREE second income?


Take part in a data analysis programme for double glazed windows.


The purpose of the Programme is

  • To build Case Studies regarding actual electricity bill reductions. Early Case Studies indicate that this could be 50% or more.
  • Measure a home’s actual carbon footprint reduction, as well as the effect on less black-outs due to the reduced load on power plants
  • Monitor the efficiency of double glazed windows compared to other energy efficiency home improvements.


To be eligible to participate in the Programme, you must

  1. Have a no-obligation quote for at least 4 double glazed windows/doors or ideally every window/door in your home.
  2. Be willing to share current and future electricity bills with ourselves.
  3. Testimonials after installation

How to participate?

To register early call 1300 963 231 now and quote “Data 2019″ or fill out the below contact form and we’ll be in touch with you shortly!

1300 963 231