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You get what you pay for!

Posted on September 19, 2017

We are continually surprised how many of the prospective customers we meet think that all UPVC double glazed windows and doors are built equally. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth!

Like all things in life, the quality and performance standards of UPVC windows and UPVC doors vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. You would not say that a Camry and a Rolls Royce were identical because they are both cars. Nor would you argue that the Australian Open is the same as your local municipal tournament because they are both golf events.

UPVC double glazing is no different. At Ecostar, we frequently receive feedback that ‘European double glazed windows and doors may be better than their Chinese or American equivalents’, and ‘all European systems are the same’. However, even with European double glazed windows and doors the quality and standards or performance vary significantly.

UPVC Double Glazed Doors Melbourne

There are important things to look out for and question:

  1. The UPVC wall thickness gives strength to the window and door frame and determines the energy efficiency. The thickness can be lower than 1mm in some cases, and some European systems vary from 1.5mm to 2.2mm. Look for a wall thickness of between 2.8mm and 3mm to give the best performance.
  2. The multi-chambers in the UPVC frames provide the best energy efficiency and the biggest noise reduction. The numbers vary from two chambers to eight. Two to five chambers will make no difference to your current single glazed windows so you will waste your hard earned cash. Go for frames with at least six to eight chambers.
  3. Always ask for proof that the UPVC has been tested in Australia to prove suitability for the harsh Australian climate. Most European systems are unsuitable. Many claim they are, so demand the proof, as it can make the difference between your windows lasting seven years or 40 years-plus.
  4. Check out the U-Value, the lower the number, the better. This is the best measure of how energy efficient the double glazing actually is. UPVC systems vary from a U-Value of 1.2 to 10. Anything over 1.8 will not give you the benefits you deserve.
  5. Noise reduction will vary from 10% to 90%, so check the manufacturer’s claims carefully.
  6. Check out the security in terms of how many locking points there are on the windows and doors. Windows should have at least four locking points, preferably more, and doors should have six locking points, ideally more.

Ask the right questions and you will not be disappointed with your choice of UPVC double glazed windows and doors. Instead they will be one of the best investments you ever make in your home.

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