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Making one change during tax time could have one huge effect on your family finances

Death and taxes; The only two things that are a certainty in this world.

And while I don’t look fondly upon my impending (and let’s hope distant) death, I also don’t feel overly great about the merry-go-round that is paying (ever increasing) taxes each year.

But maybe that’s where I am going wrong?

Maybe I should be excited about yet another financial year coming to an end? Or rather what happens after June 30?

Yes, we may be shaking our head asking ‘where did all the money go?’ but should you make the appropriate claims and deductions, then it is very likely you are (rightfully) in line to get a well earned tax return.

Perhaps you will choose to invest it? Perhaps you will choose to ease your current burden of debt? Or perhaps you may think about finally getting the wheels in motion for that home renovation that you have continually put on the backburner due to a lack of cash flow?

I completely understand that putting money towards reducing debt rather than adding to it may seem like an attractive idea. But, maybe it’s time to look forward and think about things you can do to further secure your family’s financial security.

Yes I know I wax lyrical about the benefits of double glazing (that is my job), but there could be some significant long term benefits to earmarking your tax return for home improvements, in spite of the initial outlay.



Poorly insulated windows and doors account for 40% of your home’s heating loss in winter.

What does this mean?

You’re increasing your energy consumption by heating your home to keep it warm and cozy during Melbourne’s brutal winters.

With Melbourne home owners currently spending up to 80% of their energy bills on heating and cooling their homes, installing uPVC double glazing is a proven way to reduce the cost of your energy bills by 40%.

Finally to be completely honest with you, when I see a customer choose to spend their hard-earned tax return on Ecostar it genuinely makes this cold blooded Englishman feel warm inside. So after a successful financial year we’d like to show our appreciation by offering this EOFY UPGRADE  on all product purchases in July because why shouldn’t our (potential) customers reap the rewards as well?


Paul Woods was formally Ecostar’s UK Chief Operating Officer before taking on the role of Construction Project Manager here in Melbourne. He has vast knowledge on double glazing and is considered an expert within the industry.