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“It’s time for Melbournians to act on climate!”

Posted on February 1, 2018

With more than 60,000 homes struck by blackouts at the weekend despite Victorians being charged hundreds of dollars annually to keep the electricity network operational and safe, Ecostar Double Glazing MD Craig Johnson is urging Australians to embrace double glazing and reduce energy loss from their homes.

With 30% of energy lost through doors and windows, Ecostar Double Glazing ensures premium energy efficiency and is constantly working to make their product as suitable to the harsh climate as possible.

The Herald Sun reported that the average household will pay from $404 to $673 in tariffs for poles and wires this year, a sum that can account for 20 to 40 per cent of a retail bill and that charges are levied to pay for network maintenance and to ensure “a safe and reliable electricity supply”. As MD of Ecostar, Craig Johnson feels a sense of irony as he talks about having to endure his own blackout at his house in Prahran despite having double glazing installed.

“Obviously if all of my neighbours had Ecostar Double Glazing, we wouldn’t have to deal with a blackout in the first place!” says Ecostar Double Glazing’s Craig Johnson.

“The news on climate isn’t good so it really is time for Australians to act on that. Double glazing is standard in the UK, but it’s here in Australia that it’s really required. That’s why we’re constantly looking to improve our double glazed window and door products for the Australian climate.

craig johnson

“We’re constantly monitoring and researching cutting edge technologies in the glazing industry to develop new products to combat Australia’s extreme heat. All our products undergo rigorous scientific testing to ensure they help Victorians improve the thermo efficiency of their homes, combat extreme heat, and reduce their energy bills.”

One such cutting edge technology is Ecostar Self-Sleaning, Climate Control Glass.

“Ecostar Self-Sleaning, Climate Control Glass windows and doors are made from high performance low-emissivity glass (low-E glass) that uses the latest advancements in thermally insulating glass coating technology to deflect the heat by up to 80%*,” says Johnson.

“That offers Victorian homes unmatched thermal efficiency, protecting homes from the Australian sun’s increasingly harsh rays, reducing the use of air conditioning that is a major contributor to climate change and leads to power blackouts during peak heat periods, and saving residents money on energy bills.”

Click here to watch Craig Johnson’s Industry Leaders interview.

*Compared to other double glazing options that deflect radiant heat by 52%, and single glazed windows, which offer no heat deflection.