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Why you should always use a Registered Building Practitioner

Posted on May 6, 2017

We have all got a “Tradie” story where a job just went from bad to worse, leaving a bad taste in the mouth and money simply thrown away. Sometimes it is very difficult to know which company to choose to carry out renovations in the possession you prize the most – your own home.

This is particularly important when you decide to renovate your home, rather than move house or build a new one. After all, renovation starts with Double Glazing as your existing windows and doors are accountable for most of the heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer.

Replacing your energy-inefficient aluminium or timber windows with high quality UPVC Double Glazed Windows and Doors is, in essence, major structural work to your home, and now the decision which company to use has been made a whole lot easier-always use a Registered Building Practitioner.


By using a Registered Building Practitioner, you will be engaging a qualified, professional company who have been vetted by the Victorian Government. For all contracts over a defined value, you will automatically receive Domestic Building Insurance which protects your $ deposit and final payments should anything go wrong in the future. It gives real peace of mind to informed and empowered homeowners who know their rights. You simply cannot lose out financially.

Ecostar is the only replacement window and door company in Greater Melbourne who is a Registered Building Practitioner. This means you will receive all the benefits of high quality European Double Glazing, the thermal efficiency, maintenance-free, very high levels of security, traffic noise virtually eliminated, great kerb appeal, with no financial risk to you.

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