Ecostar’s ‘Sporty’ Team!

Ecostar’s ‘Sporty’ Team!


A former football player, a Commonwealth record holder in weightlifting and a contortionist who left home to join the circus…

Not the ‘previous experience’ you’d expect to find on the staff CVs of Ecostar Double Glazing’s team, but that’s exactly what their records boast! What’s more, Ecostar MD Craig Johnson says the company’s recruitment strategy regards candidates who play or have played competitive sport regularly favourably.

“We find that employees who are active or who play sport on a team, particularly if that has been at a high level, are very valuable in the work place,” Johnson says.

“People who enjoy competitive sport are just that, competitive. You know that if they’ve prioritised that in their life, they’ll be driven in the work place. So, if we see that on someone’s CV, we’ll always interview them.”


Ecostar’s sporty staff boast a diverse range of experiences. You’d think that Ecostar Installer Ross Wallace’s former career as a football (soccer) player for Bournemouth would be the most outstanding sports CV inclusion on the company’s records but as it turns out, he’s in good company.


Incredibly, Senior Sales Co-Ordinator Abigail Maynard has represented New Zealand in Powerlifting. She won gold at the Oceanic and Commonwealth Championships in 2014 and also previously held a Commonwealth record for deadlifting 175kg!


Ecostar’s Product Demonstrator Kate Lyons, who hails from Ohio in the States, is a a former gymnast who actually spent six months with a circus working as a contortionist. You read that right; a contortionist.


It’s not just competitive sport that impresses the Ecostar recruitment team. When it comes to assessing job applicants ahead of interviews, the MD says they also place adventure-loving applicants at the top of the pecking order.

At Ecostar they have plenty of successful applicants in this area. Leading the list of adrenalin junkies on the team is Product Demonstrator Julie Godfrey who enjoys skydiving, triathlons and Pier to Pub Ocean swims to stay active!

“People who seek adventure aren’t the ‘lie on the couch type’ and we want the business to have high energy,” Craig Johnson says.

It’s fair to say that at Ecostar, there is plenty of that!


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