Melbourne residents are turning to cutting edge home technologies to beat the heat.


With the threat of 50C days looming by the end of the century, and experts predicting an increase in heat wave-related heat deaths, Melbourne residents are turning to cutting edge, environmentally friendly, home technologies to beat the heat.

In a recent interview with the ABC, Australian National University (ANU) climate scientist Dr Sophie Lewis, who is leading a new study into the impacts of global warming, says the impact of climate change is likely to be felt significantly in suburbia.

“We have a lot more concrete and a lot less air flow (than rural areas) and there’s a lot less ability to escape from the heat,” she said, describing the emergence of “heat continents”, where entire suburbs experience extreme Heat for sustained periods of time without respite.

“When you’ve got grey infrastructure and roads and buildings absorbing all that heat, not only does it get much hotter, but it takes twice to three times as long to cool down,” she said.

“We really have to be prepared for extremes in the future to get much worse than they are now. We’ve already seen an increase in excess heat deaths in heat waves in 2009, due to those extreme heat waves, and that’s likely to occur even more under these 50C days.”

With the threat of heat deaths due to extreme temperatures an ever-growing reality, Victorian residents are increasingly seeking ways to improve the thermo efficiency of their homes says Ecostar Double Glazing’s Craig Johnson.

“The news on climate isn’t good and we’re speaking to more and more people who are looking to prepare there homes for extreme heat in the future,” said Johnson. “That’s why we’re constantly looking to improve our double glazed window and door products for the Australian climate.”


“We’re constantly monitoring and researching cutting edge technologies in the glazing industry to develop new products to combat Australia’s extreme heat. All our products undergo rigorous scientific testing to ensure they help Victorians improve the thermo efficiency of their homes, combat extreme heat, and reduce their energy bills.”

One such cutting edge technology is Ecostar Double Glazing’s new Planitherm 4 Seasons double glazing.

“Planitherm 4 Seasons windows and doors are made from high performance low-emissivity glass (low-E glass) that uses the latest advancements in thermally insulating glass coating technology to deflect the heat by up to 80%*,” says Johnson.

“That offers Victorian homes unmatched thermal efficiency, protecting homes from the Australian sun’s increasingly harsh rays, reducing the use of air conditioning that is a major contributor to climate change and leads to power blackouts during peak heat periods, and saving residents money on energy bills.”

*Compared to other double glazing options that deflect radiant heat by 52%, and single glazed windows, which offer no heat deflection.

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