Craig Johnson Expert View: There’s no such thing as a safe bet… or is there?


As we swing into the Spring Carnival silly season, I’d wager that most people reading this blog are planning to have a little flutter on the horses, even if it’s just dropping a dollar in the office Melbourne Cup sweepstake.

As a passionate race-goer myself – I’m a member at Caulfield and Flemington and I’ll get along to at least one day of the Melbourne Cup Carnival this year – I’m all for it.

But while an afternoon’s fun at the track with a little speculation on the side to keep things interesting is my idea of a good time, I’m a conservative punter at heart. I only ever bet what I can afford, and I’d never consider gambling anything of real value in my life.

Which is why it frustrates the hell out of me to see Melbourne homeowners risking the thermo-efficiency, security, and value of their homes by investing in double glazing that’s installed by anyone other than us at Ecostar Double Glazing.

They say: ‘There’s no such thing as a safe bet…’ Well, I beg to differ.

If you’re waiting for me to give you a tip for the 3.20 at Flemington, don’t hold your breath. I’m not talking about blowing your dough on the gee gees now, I’m talking about making an investment in your home that delivers what it says it does, and will continue to pay you dividends for years to come.

At Ecostar Double Glazing we provide our clients with purpose-built uPVC double glazed windows and doors, designed with a hot climate profile to withstand Australia’s environmental extremes. All our installers are Ecostar employees (we don’t employ sub contractors) so you can be confident that the tradespeople working on your home are accountable for their work, and will take the best possible care of your property.


Ecostar is Melbourne’s only double glazing installer with registered building certification. And certification means all-important builders indemnity insurance – something you won’t get with our competitors.

We’re the only business that can offer interest free consumer finance to our clients. You have to have a profitable – and secure – business for the banks to even consider allowing you to offer finance.

And, most importantly, we offer a unique 10-year unconditional, fully transferable guarantee on our windows and doors that you can actually bet your house on.

Other Victorian double glazing companies don’t offer purpose-built product. They’re not insured. And they might say they offer a 10-year guarantee but, if they haven’t been around for 10 years, what’s to say they’ll still be around in another 10 years to honour their promise?

The only reason you’d consider anyone other than Ecostar to install your double glazed windows and doors is that their initial pricing is more attractive. But bear in mind that by undercutting us to that extent, nine times out of 10 their pricing is going to send them belly-up and unable to fulfil their guarantee.

Basically, gambling on the quality of our competitors’ product is a rookie strategy that will end up costing you more in the long run when you have to pay to replace faulty, substandard windows and doors.

Why take that gamble on your home?

Comparing what we do against what they do is like comparing mighty mare Winx to a pony down at your local funfair!

You wouldn’t buy a car without a roadworthy. Why would you risk the thermo-efficiency, security and value of your home on a double glazing company that’s only been around for three years?

Of course, if betting on the outside chance is your bag, good luck to you. But I’ll give you the hot tip: we’ll see you in seven years when your double glazed windows and doors have discoloured or they’re falling off their hinges, and your supplier’s guarantee turns out not to be worth the paper it’s written on!

So there you have it, straight from the horse’s mouth. If you’re looking to upgrade your windows and doors this spring, the only safe bet is Ecostar Double Glazing.

I’ll see you at the track!


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