Craig Johnson Expert View: I have a confession to make; I have fallen out of love.


Followers of the blog will know that i’m a voracious reader, especially when it comes to issues that hit close to home, both figuratively and literally. But I am starting to fall out of love with my once pleasant pastime as i have realised that everything I have been reading recently has been nothing short of grim when it comes to how we can afford the world we live in.

Want smashed avocado for breakfast? Don’t expect change from a twenty.

Need to fill up the car? Sure, that’s $1.70/litre.

Thinking of attending that auction of the house down the road you’ve had your eye on? Don’t even bother.

It wasn’t til the figures were staring at me in my face that I realised just how expensive Melbourne has become especially when it comes to house prices. After previously gaining bragging rights over our northern sister, Sydney, about how affordable Melbourne is in comparison, it now seems that we are hot on her heels; or as the research puts it bluntly “housing remains severely unaffordable…by a substantial margin in Sydney and Melbourne.”

What’s to love about that? Nothing, zilch, nada. Yep, contrary to what month it is, i’m not feeling very ‘lovey-dovey’ at all.

So when that dream of upsizing or moving is all but quashed, what is there left to do? Well how about reigniting that spark you once had for your bricks and mortar?

Don’t move, but improve, and fall in love with your home again because if there’s one positive to come out of the barrage of negative news we seem to be bombarded with daily about living affordability, it’s that above everything you have a house and family living in this beautiful city of Melbourne, so why not make the most of it?

So in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I want to help you get some romance back into your life (no, not like that!). I want to show you how just by refreshing your home with a few improvements, you’ll remember what ‘love at first sight’ feels like again.


A makeover (or under) is all you need to get the warm and fuzzies back, so you know those pesky leaky windows that have been letting in a draft all summer? How about a refresh with double glazing? Say bub-bye breeze and hello sleek new windows that come in a range of options: from awning and colonial bar, to tilt before turn and everything in between. Pair it with a new door and you’ll be surprised how different your home will already be looking.

I KNOW i harp on about it every month, but i’m going to tell you until i’m blue in the face about all the benefits of Ecostar Double Glazing because I truly believe in the product we provide and there’s so much more to it than just making an improvement to your house visually.

If you are dreading your next power bill after Melbourne’s recent heatwave and then equally worried about your usage this coming winter, then replacing your doors and windows now may ease the burden considerably and what is not to love about that?

Quite simply, double glazed windows and doors keep the heat in during winter and out during summer. You can read all about this here, but the bottom line is that you are able to put less pressure on your heating and air conditioning, which your wallet (and family) will be thankful for so you can spend your hard earned cash on the things that really matter and I LOVE the sound of that.

Along with outside noise reduced by up to 90% and unrivalled security features, replacing your windows and doors may be all you need for things to feel new again and it’s a lot cheaper than buying a new house, which is not in reach for a lot of us.

So don’t move, improve. Make your house a home again, albeit a more comfortable one, and one that makes you feel giddy inside.


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