Craig Johnson Expert View: Food for thought as Earth Hour approaches


It’s the brag I’ve heard non-stop since arriving on Victoria’s fair shores from the UK eight years ago. ’We’re Australia’s lucky state, mate!’

And, while I can appreciate the abundance of sporting fixtures and associated public holidays that dot our calendar, I have to admit my view of the Garden State is starting to tarnish somewhat.

Let’s take my overt love of sport as an example. While it’s great to be able to go and watch the mighty Tigers thrash the Blues at the ‘G’, this occurrence could soon become rare for some or all of us.

I recently read an article in the Herald Sun which all but confirmed this. 

In Victoria, families are now spending up to $1 out of every $7 of their  disposable income on their power bills. To counter this, and perhaps shift perception, we continue to be constantly bombarded with ‘deals’ and ‘promotions’ by the big energy companies to make us think that we are getting bang for our buck.

But we’re not. Far from it. And here’s why.


The report lead by Australian Power Project founder Nathan Vass, found that while that while Victorians are the lowest users of power thanks to our long term commitment of using gas for cooking and hot water, Victorian households have among the worst deals nationally.

Some households are paying up to $1,000 more a year than others (think how many AFL games you could go to with that money).

Do you see why I am questioning whether we really do live in the lucky state?

So what’s the solution?

I ask that you use this information as ‘food for thought’ and perhaps ask yourself a few honest questions:

  •   Am I doing enough in researching the best energy deal on the market for my household?
  •   What are ways I can reduce my energy bill?
  •   Although there is an initial outlay, is double glazing actually a smarter long-term energy saving – and cost-saving – option to the endless cycle of power ‘deals’ in the market?

I am not here to tell you to double glaze every inch of your home, but rather I want to give you some perspective on ways in which you can potentially lessen your energy bill burden. I want to give you some hard facts about energy costs. And, I want to see you enjoy yourself at the ‘G’, because really isn’t that all we really want in the end?

Go the Tigers!


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