Craig Johnson Expert View: five reasons you should ‘trade up’


Although I am originally from the UK, I now call myself a Melbournian, having lived in this fine city for over seven years. So how have I embraced my (new) roots you ask, and turned myself from a whinging pom to a proud Victorian? I am a fully-fledged Tigers supporter.

Now of course cricket will be my first love (or should I make that second in case my wife is reading this?!), but I can now proudly say that I have been sucked into the excitement of the AFL and I especially love this time of year when it’s the trade period.


Because it gets me thinking and makes me reflect on what I can ‘trade’ to make my life better for the coming season (or months).

Now although the AFL trade in players, I’m not about to trade in my wife (now I really hope she isn’t reading this!), but rather what I mean is that there are always ways we can improve or update our lives by simply trading something in that isn’t working quite as well for something that is, which is why in the spirit of my hometown and my love for Aussie Rules, I thought I’d give you five reasons why ‘trading up’ to Ecostar Double Glazing could have a huge positive effect on your life.


Yes I know I harp on about this a lot, But the reality is that this is something that many of our competitors can’t match. Ecostar has the highest 6-star energy performance rating along with the highest energy efficiency u-value rating at 1.2. Essentially, what you need to know is that with our double glazing, your house is going to stay warmer in winter and cooler in summer and as a result there will be less of a need to use fans, air conditioners or heaters which means less money spent on your power bill.
Old windows can account for 40% of the thermal energy lost by a home in winter, and gained by a home in summer, so by upgrading to uPVC double glazed energy efficient windows, you can improve your home’s energy performance rating. I recently read a study by the University of Melbourne’s Department of Infrastructure Engineering that said “in some Melbourne suburbs it could take just nine years to recoup the costs of lifting a home’s energy rating from 1.5 stars to four stars.”


As we battle with the increase of infrastructure happening around the city, Ecostar uPVC double glazed windows and doors can block outside noise by up to 90%. A life changing statistic for those living in highly dense areas.
All of our units have Argon Gas in them, which is denser than air and adds to noise reduction in itself. However what we pride ourselves on here at Ecostar is that we’re not a ‘one size fits all’ company, so we can tailor windows and doors to your specifications depending on where you live. Recently we had a customer opt for specific specialist glass to increase the sound proofing qualities which was done by installing a thicker glass on the outside.


I love how over the past couple of years homeowners are really starting to think about how they can reduce their carbon footprint when it comes to their home. I recently wrote a blog on the rise of the ‘green home’ after noticing how much traction this issue is getting.

Our frame profiles are manufactured with 50% recycled material, and all the raw materials contained in our uPVC double glazed windows and doors are recyclable up to 350 times, promoting the overall sustainability of your home. I am proud to be able to provide this level of sustainability to our customers as I believe it is so important for us to continue to develop ways that will minimise our impact on the environment.



This is something that is brought up with me regularly by customers wanting to know how much maintenance is involved once they install double glazing. My answer is always the same; minimal, if any. Our stabilised uPVC is better than timber and aluminium simply because it is easier to up-keep as there is no painting required or rotting issues to attend to. Our products are also ‘self cleaning’, in that when the sun reflects onto our  windows or doors, all organic matter is instantly broken down and so all that is required to remove the particles is a quick rinse with the hose or some rainfall. I like the idea of being able to spend less time on things that I hate doing (like cleaning) and more time on things I like doing (like watching AFL or cricket!), don’t you?


As soon as we receive your final payment, our industry leading 10-year unconditional guarantee starts. Any problems or service issues that may arise over this period will be dealt with immediately, with one of our customer service representatives ensuring that an in-home appointment is booked either the day of the query or the next day. If a new part is required, we will have it in within seven days from the UK or if the issue is an emergency, the issue will be fixed within 24 hours completely free of charge. Our after-sales support and guarantee is something that we pride ourselves on as a part of the Ecostar process and experience.

A lot of our customers assume that a guarantee is the same as a warranty, however these are two very different things. If you buy a TV from a department store and something happens to it while in warranty, more often than not, your product is then sent back to the original brand and thus there is double handling of the issue where a lengthy wait period ensues. Because Ecostar manages the entire process, from manufacture all the way through to installation, if you do ever have a problem you only have to make one phone call and we will sort it out for you.

The AWA requirement on members is only a six year warranty on the frames, two year warranty on the hardware and no warranty at all on the installation itself. To put this into perspective, we offer a 10 year totally unconditional and comprehensive guarantee, which covers the frames, discolouration, all moving parts (handles, hinges, and locks) condensation between the two panes of glass, which is a common problem with cheap double glazing, and more importantly the installation itself.  Most other companies offer only a limited warranty, so If you choose Ecostar, you definitely get the best guarantee available in this industry.

And finally, (can you tell i’m passionate about this subject?!) Ecostar’s guarantee and installation service recently led us to being awarded ‘International Installation Company of the Year’, which is the only window company in Australia to win this prestigious award; that’s something I am beyond proud of.


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