A day in the life of an Ecostar Surveyor


Meet Nathan.

He has a penchant for breakfast smoothies and detailed paperwork; both of which he can combine with his role as Ecostar’s surveyor (who would have thought!). Nathan is the man you want at your house because he’s going to make sure EVERYTHING is measured properly; there’s no room for mistakes in Nathan’s job!

What time do you get up in the morning?

The alarm usually goes off at about 5:30am so I get up and put the coffee on straight away; I can’t do anything without coffee! I’ll usually have a smoothie for breakfast when I get to work and check the day’s paperwork before heading out on the road. I like to get to site about 20 minutes early, I hate being late!

Then once you get to the customer’s house, is it all systems go?

Sure is! I write any questions I have down on the paperwork before I leave the office and the first thing I do is introduce myself to the customer and make sure we’re all on the same page with what’s happening (literally!).

So you must have an eye for detail when it comes to going about your day?

Absolutely! It’s all in my role! I go through every single window or door and confirm with the customer what they want, then we let them relax! That’s when my day really starts to get busy because I then have to measure everything to a tee, which is not a quick process!

How long will this take?

Three or four windows can take half an hour or so and a whole house can take three to four hours. Then once i’ve entered all that in, I go through our technical survey report with the customer which once again confirms the window design, colour, handle color, internal, external specifications. All happy, all signed off, Job’s done! It sounds a lot simpler than it is actually! Ha


Your role would see you work quite closely with an Ecostar design consultant daily?

Yep I get that question quite a lot, in terms of how is what I do different to what a design consultant does. Basically, the design consultant will come up with the concept that the customer is after and then once it’s sold and approved by the customer, I then come in and do all the ‘nuts and bolts’ of the job like measuring etc as Ecostar’s product is made to order so there is no room for mistakes on my end or it can be very costly!

But it’s not just measuring you do at the customer’s house is it?

I wish! Haha My job can be quite big as it all depends on the location of the house and what the customer wants. I’ll do a survey report for the installation process and take lots of pictures as something I have to look at is any access or property issues. Recently a customer had a lot of cracking so I had to deal with that and another customer was unaware of an asbestos problem, which obviously is something the design consultant doesn’t really look for. So I like to have a really in depth look at the house and its surrounding.

So after all that, how do you like to unwind after work?

Definitely with a nice cold beer and my feet up!



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