A day in the life of an Ecostar Double Glazing Storeman


Meet Jim.

He’s our resident Celtic football fan and the man in charge of our warehouse. He knows all about the product that is coming in and all about the product that is going out, and judging by the size of our warehouse, that isn’t a small job!

So the warehouse is your ‘domain’ Jim?!

I like to think of it like that! I take my role very seriously especially since the product is coming all the way from the UK, so whether it’s coming or going, I always have to be very careful in the warehouse.

When a container is delivered, what’s the first thing you look for

Damage of course! Once the product is placed in the container in the UK, inflatable bags are put inside to make sure nothing moves or gets damaged. Since installing these bags, damage is very unlikely but i always like to have good look over before i start the check in process.

And if by chance you do see that a part has been damaged?

We order that part straight away from the UK to be delivered as quickly as possible.


So how long does the installation process take?

We roughly do four to five windows and doors a day. It’s quite full on but i always make sure i stop and have a sandwich or lunch to refuel!

How long before getting the windows or doors are they then able to be installed?

We try to get the container here a month beforehand so that we have ample time to quality check the products previous to installation. We like to minimise the customer’s waiting time whenever possible

Are there particular houses or locations that restrict the installation of double glazing?

Originally power lines or tram lines posed an issue, however we’ve now incorporated a new OH&S procedure which means there isn’t really a property that we can’t install on. Although it’s important to note that if there are those above issues, it just does add an extra cost as we obviously have to scaffold or use a scissor lift, so that’s something the customer must take into consideration.

What’s something people may not know about your role?

I always get asked about my qualifications (which is good i guess!) and I am happy to say that I am a qualified carpenter, which is the same for all the installers  at Ecostar. The boys from the UK have what’s called an NVQ, which is a three year National Vocational Qualification in window installation. One thing unique to Ecostar is that we don’t have any subcontractors;  all our guys work exclusively for us, are on the payroll and have to do our training on top of their carpentry qualification, which can be anything from two to six months.

And after a hard days work, how do you like to unwind?

Work can be quite tiring (as you can see!), so there’s nothing better than getting home after a full day of installations and having a nice cold beer! On the weekend i also like to get out and play a bit of golf or get out on the motorbike!


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