A day in the life of an Ecostar Customer Product Demonstrator


Meet Justin.

He’s our former Representative Rugby League playing Product Demonstrator, who can answer any question you may have about Ecostar double glazing. And, for that reason, no two days are the same for Justin!

What time do you get up in the morning?

I’m up at 5:30am and i’d like to tell you that i start the day with a hearty breakfast, but most days my craving for a chocolate croissant always wins out (although you could call that a hearty breakfast couldn’t you?!). It’s straight into the car and then to the office to beat the traffic.

Do you spend a lot of time on the road?

Yeah I definitely am well acquainted with my car because of this job but i like that because no two days are the same! I could be at one of our mobile showrooms educating people on double glazing, or i could be with a client giving them some in depth knowledge on their newly purchased product.

Being out on the road also means that I know a lot of unknown little cafes and lunch pit stops though! It sure beats having to eat last nights dinner when i’m in the office!

What’s the biggest misconception people have when they come to the mobile showroom?

A lot of people think that we have a  ‘one size fits all’ approach at Ecostar and that couldn’t be further from the truth. Basically all our windows and doors are  bespoke, so they are tailored to either somebody’s home or what they specifically need. I once had a customer who had a disability, so we made the door bigger and a side window smaller to help with access. Another customer always had to overreach when it came to opening their previous windows, so we designed one specifically so that wouldn’t happen. Recently a customer was concerned that her small children may fall from a window, so we added restrictions to the design to ensure that that didn’t happen. When i meet with a potential customer, i like to make it clear that it’s all about designing something that fits in with their needs and concerns.

Have you ever had a customer disagree with your opinion?

Sometimes customers might not even know all the options that are available to them, so their initial idea may not be the best one for their situation. Through the use of our software to show them how the double glazing will look and work, we’re able to help them make a decision that will ensure that our product will perform at its best. Ultimately though, i am just a guide and what a customer wants, a customer will get and i will always respect that.


Have you seen an increase in people wanting double glazing because of its soundproofing qualities?

Absolutely! think especially because Melbourne is seeing a lot of infrastructure being built in terms of new train lines and tunnels, so that has meant that people are really starting to see (or hear!) an increase in traffic, which obviously can directly affect their home.  All of our units have Argon Gas in them, which is more dense than air, so that adds to noise reduction in itself. But we can also use specific specialist glass to increase the sound proofing qualities like acoustic glass or install thicker glass on the outside, or even put polymer between two panes which all cuts down the noise by up to 90%. These are all  great options for customers who live in dense traffic areas.

Are people concerned about the security features that come standard on all Ecostar double glazing?

Absolutely! Some parts of Melbourne aren’t as safe as they were in the past and people are becoming more aware of that. We use all high security locks and we’ve also got specialist steel in the barrels, which means you can’t really get the keys cut anywhere other than a specialist key cutter with the supply specialist blanks. We  also use stainless steel on all our locking mechanisms.

Being a UK company, all our products pass the European ‘secure by design’ standard which means that, they have been attack tested for 6 minutes without anybody being able to get into them. How’s that for security!

What’s the one question you ALWAYS get asked when out on the road?

Without a doubt, it’s what is the difference between single and double glazing. I like getting this question because although quite self explanatory from the title, people don’t quite understand how significant the difference is.

I like to highlight the difference by telling customers that double glazed windows and doors are three times more energy efficient than single glazed. This is because you have two panes of different types of glass, so the pane on the outside reflects the sun away (and the UV), and the pane on the inside reflects all the energy back in. So if you’ve put your air con on in the summer, it keeps the air in so you have to put it on for less time but it holds it in the house a lot longer, and the same with the heating. You just don’t have those performance factors on single glazing, in fact their not present at all.

What’s something customers don’t know about Ecostar’s double glazing?

I love touching on the ‘self cleaning’ element of our products because who wants to waste time cleaning windows and doors?! People just assume this is something they’ll have to do, but let me tell you otherwise (can you tell I love my job!). We developed this feature and what it means is that when the sun reflects on the window it breaks down the organic matter on the outside, so then if you spray your windows or it rains, then because the matter/dirt is already broken down, it cleans the glass. Voila, how good is that!

Maintenance is always an issue which customers bring up with me daily. We use UV stabilised uPVC, which is a better material than timber or aluminum simply for the reason that a lot less maintenance is required. If any at all


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