A day in the life of an Ecostar Double Glazing Senior Sales Coordinator


Meet Abi (A.K.A Kiwi Debbie!).

She’s our adrenalin-seeking, guitar-playing, Powerlifting champion Senior Sales Coordinator! In a nutshell, when she’s not being a weapon on the gym floor, she’s on the other line of the phone giving you all the information you need to know about double glazing and what you can expect from the whole Ecostar sales process.

What time do you get into work in the morning?

About 7:30am. I’m never hungry for breakfast, so it’s straight up out of bed after downing a big glass of water and then it’s time to get on my way so i’m in the office nice and early.

Then the phone rings?

Yep the phone always rings! But that’s why I love my job because I get to talk to all kinds of people every single day.

A customer will ring wanting to know about double glazing, so the first thing i do is run them through our products and ask them what their requirements are and what their reason is behind wanting to get double glazing (it can be anything from reducing noise, to saving energy or of course heating and cooling their home). Once i understand what they would like, I forward their enquiry to one of our design consultants, who would then visit the customer in their home aspo that they can see the full scope of how Ecostar double glazing can be used effectively and efficiently so all parties are happy; this in-home service can take anywhere from 60-90 minutes.

So no two days are the same?

Nope! But that’s the best bit because you just never know what questions or queries you’re going to get on the other line! At Ecostar it’s not a one-fits-all-approach as we may redesign a window or door to ensure that it will work better for the customer’s lifestyle, so i’m always thinking of ways or options to achieve that, especially through the sales process.

What do you love most about your role?

Essentially, I am the customer’s first point of contact so i want to ensure that they feel fully informed from the word ‘go’ and as Ecostar’s double glazing comes from the UK (so is new to the Australian market), I like to educate the customer as best i can on all our available materials and options.


So you’re a bit like a double glazing detective by day?!

Haha I guess! As I gather as much of the preliminary information as I can on that initial consultation phone call, I am then able to forward this to the design consultant who is then able to give the customer a free, in depth quote when they visit their house. Whilst there, the customer will be taken through the different pricing scenarios, such as utilsing our interest-free credit which we offer on all products, or the self-funding option.  A lot of the power is in the customer’s hands when it comes to building their quote as they are in charge of deciding all their specs once our design consultant has provided their input on recommendations for products and materials. Of course it is a collaborative process, however our main end result is to ensure that the customer is always happy and we like to do all we can to make sure that happens throughout the whole sales process.

How long does it take for product to be delivered?

All our products are made to order in the UK, so in terms of timing, It depends a lot on shipping. The quickest it will take is 12 weeks, but normally we say between 12 and 20 weeks as it is dependant on the time of year. This is something I will also inform the customer of before placing an order so they can decide if the timing is going to suit their needs.

What’s a common question you get asked often?

Definitely about our after-sales policy. My team and I are always on hand throughout the whole process and that means before and after a customer has put in an order!

As soon as your windows or doors are installed and  the final payment is received, then our 10 year guarantee is processed. It covers the uPVC frame, the glass against condensation in between the panes, the hardware; including handles and locking systems and even the workmanship itself. So If there’s an issue, customer’s can call our after sales department and our service department will allocate their issue to our service engineer who will replace the faulty product free of charge.

So after spending the day being a wealth of knowledge on all things double glazing and customer support, how do you like to unwind?

I love to get outdoors! I don’t watch a lot of TV, so i’m always out and about and being active (which is nice after being in an office all day!). There’s also nothing better than getting in the car after a long day and switching on some chill acoustic tunes!



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