Customer Name: Alan and Jan Hume

Home Location: Commercial Road, South Yarra

Renovation Date: 2014

Ecostar Products Installed:

  • 5 UPVC Fixed Double Glazed Windows
  • 2 UPVC Casement Double Glazed Windows
  • 3 UPVC Awning Double Glazed Windows
  • 2 UPVC Double Glazed Residential Doors


Colour: External Colour: Sienna PN; Internal Colour: White


Renovation Project Background:

Mr and Mrs Hume’s home was the Penthouse Suite on a property development on the corner of Commercial Road and Punt Road in South Yarra. Both roads are exceptionally busy on several occasions each day and the traffic noise was very intrusive and annoying. Their existing windows needed expensive maintenance and the couple did not want to waste any more money on this.

In addition, Mr and Mrs Hume were very concerned about quickly rising energy costs and knew their existing windows and doors were energy inefficient. The Suite was expensive to heat in winter yet they were still cold, and the hum of air conditioning was a constant irritant along with the traffic noise in summer.

Mr Hume was particularly concerned that when they came to sell their property one day, he would be unable to find a buyer due to the poor condition of the windows and doors and all the resultant problems.

Mr and Mrs Hume chose Ecostar Double Glazing to resolve these issues.


The results:

We will let Mr Hume take up the story:

“To say we were totally pleased is an understatement. Instantly, the traffic noise was a thing of the past and the house was so quiet, wonderful. What we both found interesting was that despite energy costs having really increased over the last few years, our bills were around 40% lower than in the past.”

The amazing thing: we have just sold our home for $1.2 million, and bearing in mind where we live, we would never have got anywhere near this price if we had not invested in Ecostar Double Glazing. Thanks guys.”

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